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Are you ready to stop stressing and experience a steady state of happiness? I’m here and ready to show you the way no matter what obstacles you may be facing. Together, we will move the mountains in your life!

Life Coach Daniel Leondos


It may not sound right to you, but we practically are taught how to worry. When you were a child, you knew how to be happy every day. Unfortunately, as you were growing, your school, home, friends, and the internet inadvertently taught you how to worry about life. For instance, we all know what it means to experience bullying at school, failing in our careers, or feeling guilty for wrong decisions we made in the past. Then, slowly over the years, as you repeatedly experience negative emotions like fear, worry, and doubts. Without ever noticing or meaning for it to happen, various negative feelings become part of your routine. Some will develop anxiety or even panic attacks due to the routine they’ve built with fear and worry. As you start sinking into endless problems, it can feel as if you can’t control these emotions, but you do have the option to change your thoughts.


Changing your thought process from a negative perspective full of fear, worry, and anxiety, to a positive perspective is essential for optimal health. Continually experiencing unpleasant thoughts will begin to threaten your health. Freeing yourself of stress and reaching a state of comfort and ease may feel hopelessly out of reach for you right now, but please trust that happiness is within reach. I’ve been there. With the right help from the right life coach, it is easier than you think to get back to your initial state of happiness. That’s why I want to be that help for you! As a personal coach and mentor, I’ve helped many find and regain their joy, peace, and to recall what living in a relaxed state was like. Remember that this isn’t self-help, this will be a team effort and I look forward to helping you through this process… I look forward to being your life coach!

Control your habits


Neuro-Linguistic Programming, known as NLP, is the powerful practice of shifting your thoughts from negative to positive. When practiced accurately, NLP is the most effective way to reprogram your subconscious mind with tools like awareness, positive beliefs, and imagination. It’s time to create new positive habits and start your life fresh!

Be present


Practicing mindfulness is to become aware of unpleasant thoughts and to be fully present. It’s about reposing. It’s also about shifting our mind towards pleasant images. As we do this, we diminish our stress levels. Twenty minutes daily of actively practicing mindfulness can positively change your life completely! One way to practice mindfulness is to meditate. Through meditation, you can assess, acknowledge, and address your thoughts. Building a daily routine of confronting your negative thoughts will bring an awareness of how often you have them and if they outnumber your positive thoughts. Over time, you will begin to notice a shift in your thinking process and mood because you will start to experience more positive thoughts throughout your day, which will elevate your level of happiness.

Beyond right or wrong


Being right cannot exist without being wrong. In science, there are positives and negatives; in religion, there is good and evil; in philosophy we discuss both brightness and darkness. No matter how anyone tries to paint this picture, the result remains the same. There is a balance to the universe and our lives. Therefore, to create the perfect life experience, we must be aware of how our daily thoughts and actions transform our inner world. We have to change where it may be necessary to bring back balance, and don’t forget that we always experience life, exactly the way we feel inside.


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